Centipede Systems, LLC

Welcome to Centipede Systems!  We are the designers and manufacturers of innovative products for discriminating adults.

Latest News

06/18/2022 After more than a year of development, we have finally released software version 1.50.  See the Downloads/Software Updates page to download a copy of this new version.  This release improves on version 1.40 by adding features and fixing bugs.  We encourage all our customers to upgrade to this new version.   Details of the specific changes are on the Update page.  Being a new version, there certainly could still be bugs.  If you find any, or have suggestions or comments, please…


The Centipede 416 is the result of two years of intensive product development, The result is a new approach to electric play.


Thank you for visiting our website.  We are a US-based company specializing in devices and innovations to enhance your play.  The Centipede 416 is our flagship product.  We are excited that it is now available for sale, with world wide shipping.  Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on our discussion page, or to download any of our documentation.

We also have designed and currently manufacture other products. Stop back from time to time to learn more.

Update Jun 18, 2020   After nearly a year of effort, we have finally finished the development of our newest feature, which we are calling “sessions.”  Sessions are a further advance on our existing sequence engine, making the engine even more powerful.  For example, sessions are ideal for situations, where the operator is not at the same location as the recipient.

If you are interested is helping us test this new feature, please get in touch and let us know.  We are especially interested in working with customers who have made extensive use of sequences.