Centipede Power Boxes – Comparison

Centipede Power Boxes – Comparison

The Centipede family of products are versatile devices that can provides hours of enjoyable electrical stimulation and more. What makes the Centipedes different from other products is the extensive use of powerful computers, which enables them to provide unique features not available on other devices.

The product line consists of power boxes and pods. There are three power boxes to choose from. More details about these power boxes is available in our owner’s manual; in this write-up we briefly compare the choices to help you select the box that is right for you. Use the table below for a summary.

The software used with all our power boxes is open source. We expect the Centipede family to continue to develop over time, as new features are added, new waveforms are created, new pods are added, and new ideas evolve. With the Centipede, software upgrading is easy, by simply downloading the an update file and installing it yourself. And even better, if you wish and have the necessary knowledge, you can modify the software yourself to change the way the device operates or to add new features.

The Centipede family is also unique in that it can be expanded by adding external boxes we call ‘pods’. These pods can be additional eStim outputs or boxes with different features. Four types of expansion pods are available now, dual channel eStims, dual channel vibrator drivers, dual channel relay drivers and dual channel 115-AC volt regulators. As such, it can do far more than output eStim signals. We tend to think of it as a ‘play space’ controller!

Comparison Summary of the Centipede Power Boxes

Centipede 416 Centipede 416-AC Centipede 216
Number of Digital waveforms 7 7 7
Number of Contact waveforms 9 9 9
Number of Music driven waveforms 3 3 3
Total Number eStim Output patterns 19 19 16
Built in Battery and charger Yes No No
Number of Outputs built in 4 4 2
Creates WIFI hotspot Yes Yes No
Number of external pods possible 13 13 14
Types of external pods supported all all all
Open Source Software yes yes yes
Built in web page jukebox Yes Yes yes
Text to Speech Yes Yes yes
Number of external contacts 2 2 2
Controlled via WIFI/Ethernet WIFI/Ethernet USB port
Supported OS BrowseR Browser Windows
size 2” x 6.5” x 9.5” 2” x 6.5” x 9.5” 1.25” x 3.25” x 5.25”
MSRP Price $895 $795 $395

Centipede 416
This model is our top-of-the-line product. It has the most features and options when compared to our other models. We have used all our creativity and skill in designing this unit to satisfy the most demanding players. If you want the very best, this is the model you want.

Centipede 416-AC
This model has all the features of our top-of-the-line Centipede 416 except for the built-in battery and charger. It includes the built in Linux computer and is a good choice for persons who do not need the greater portability that a built-in battery adds.

Centipede 216
This is our entry level model. It’s an ideal eStim product for beginners as well as experienced eStim players on a budget. It offers nearly all of the features of our more expensive models. Missing is the built in Linux computer and WIFI hot spot. Instead, you connect it via a standard USB cable to your Windows laptop or desktop computer.