Centipede 416-AC

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a dedicated play space,  the Centipede 416-AC is an excellent choice. The AC model is ideal for those who do not require portability and whose power is reliable.

The Centipede 416-AC  is a variation on the Centipede 416.  The only difference between these two models is that the AC model does not contain a battery.  Omitting the battery reduces the cost of manufacture, so we can offer this model for a reduced price.  The two models are otherwise identical. They share all of the wave forms and special features, and the ability to expand via pods.  The models are so identical, in fact, that they both use the same circuit board and software suite.

You can, of course, add an external battery.  There are suitable units offered on Amazon.com that can power the Centipede 416, but for portable situations, we prefer the built in battery, especially if we want to take our unit to an event or someone else’s play space.

But when you intend to use the Centipede in a fixed location, or where an AC outlet is conveniently available, the Centipede 416-AC is a good choice.

For more details about this product, please refer to the refer to the owner’s manual.