Software Images

Centipede 416 and 416-AC

Use the buttons below to download an IMG file for burning into an 8 gig (or larger) SD card. You can use the free program Win32DiskImager (assuming a Windows based machine) to transfer this file to your SD card. Note that the file you are downloading is VERY large: 4.7 gig, and will likely take a very long time to download. Once you have downloaded it, and transferred it to your SD card, you will be able to boot your Centipede 416 using the new card. As the system boots, the file system will be expanded automatically to let you use all the available space.

Note that we consider using these files to be a sort of ‘last resort’ method of restoring functionality to your Centipede 416.  Perhaps your SD card became damaged, or you made changes to the software yourself that stopped the machine from working  (what hackers call ‘bricking’), or perhaps you want to use a larger SD card with your Centipede. If so, one solution would be to restore your device back to factory settings using one of these files.

As you probably expect, the SD card you load with this file, will have factory settings and contents. So any changes you have made to options, user accounts, music or sequences  will have to be changed again. This being the case, you may be better off restoring using a recent backup of your SD card (You did make a backup recently, right?).  If you would like us to send you an SD card with a factory image already loaded into it, contact us by email.









Centipede 216

Use the buttons below to download a self-extracting ZIP of the complete Centipede 216 software package.  Note that the file you are downloading is VERY large: around 500 meg, and will take a long time to download.  Once you have downloaded it, move the file to the root of one of you drives.  For example:  C:\  Then double click the file to unzip it.  If your system will not allow you to download the .exe file, you can download the .ZIP version instead, and use your favorite unzip program.  Typically you should use the latest version.


Version 1.40

Version 1.38


Version 1.35




Version 1.30