Below are several downloads documenting our products.  All of them are in PDF format. Make sure that your email address is valid before selecting to download any of these items.

The Product Brochure is a tri-fold intended to be printed on 8 1/2 x 11 glossy card stock, but you can print it on ordinary paper or view it with a PDF reader.  This short piece will give you a very good overview of the product.


The Quick Start Guide is shipped with the product and is intended to help you begin using the Centipede 416 with a minimum of frustration. Topics include:  backing up of your SD card, initial battery changing, connecting over WIFI, connecting over Ethernet, the main menu, and more.


The Owner’s Manual is a detailed and comprehensive document.  We update this from time to time as the product is updated and new features are added.  We suggest skimming through it on your first pass, and then using it as a reference afterwards.  The currently posted version reflects version 1.37, uploaded May 1, 2020.
(86 pages)


Version 1.40 was released on May 24th, 2021.  This manual reflects this the software as of that release.


Version 1.50 is currently a Beta release.  This version of the Owner’s Manual reflects the Centipede as of the latest version available.  It will be updated as changes and new features are added to the software.


This guide to writing sequencer scripts was written by Randy, one of our customers, and is generously being made available to everyone.  His step-by-step and friendly writing style will take you from an easy introduction to scripting, to advanced features, turning you into a Maestro of the Centipede’s scripting language.  In the process, he will help you understand the power of using scripting to enhance your eStim experiences, as well as highlighting many of the features available with the Centipede 416.  Now updated to Version 1.25, and reposted with new material on March 4th, 2018 !
(56 pages)