Centipede 216

Bigger isn’t always Better.  Try this for size…..

Introducing the Centipede 216, the newest member of the Centipede Family of products.  The Centipede 216, like it’s larger siblings, is a versatile device that provides hours of enjoyable electrical stimulation.  And while the 216 is much smaller and less expensive, it nevertheless features the same power levels, wave forms and expandability via pods, as the 416 and 416-AC models.  We have even calibrated the power levels, so a setting of, say, 30, on a 216 box will give the same sensation as a 416 set to the same level.  Finally, state-of-the-art eStim is more adorable than ever!

Our engineers were able to not only figure a way to power the 216 from a computer’s USB port, but also to harness the compute power of that same machine, greatly reducing the circuitry needed inside the power box.  Amazingly, the software that runs the 216 and the 416 products are nearly identical.  For example, sequencer scripts written for a 416 box will operate exactly the same on a 216 without any changes.  Use the comparison table on this site for a detailed comparison between our three power boxes.

What makes the 216 different from the other Centipede boxes, and we believe different than other products on the market, is that it is powered and controlled via a computer’s USB port.  By designing the power box this way, we were able to reduce both the size and cost of the unit.  So while the Centipede 216 does contain a microprocessor to generate wave forms, the computer to which it is attached provides most of the needed computing power.  For example, to process music/audio into eStim signals, the 216 uses the audio playback features of the attached computer.

Just like our other models, the Centipede 216 creates a web server. Once that service is running, you will be able to use the browser on that device to control all of the features. This method of connection and control creates a versatile and user-friendly visual interface.

The heart of the Centipede 216 is the software suite. Installed on your computer from the DVD provided, the software suite enables you to control the outputs based on specifications, audio inputs, pre-programmed sequences and/or external contact points. Below is the output control screen as it looks on devices wide enough to display two across.

All the software and firmware needed to operate the Centipede 216 are supplied in a self-extracting ZIP file on a DVD. If you do not have a DVD drive on your computer, you can download the file from our web site.

The software in the Centipede 216 is open source. We expect this system to continue to develop over time, as new features are added, new waveforms are created, and new ideas evolve. Upgrading is simply a matter of downloading a new file, and installing it.

If you wish and have the necessary knowledge, you can modify the software yourself to change the way the device operates or to add new features.

Centipede 216 can do far more than output eStim signals. Like our larger power boxes, the Centipede 416 and 416 AC, the Centipede 216 can be expanded by adding external boxes we call ‘pods,’ which offer additional outputs. Four types of expansion pods are available now: dual channel eStim pods, dual channel vibrator drivers, dual channel relay drivers, and dual channel 115-VAC regulator pods. In fact, the Centipede 216 with expansion pods can offer up to 30 channels. With its capacity and versatility, you can see why we tend to think of the Centipede 216 as a ‘play space’ controller!