Viby Pods

Centipede Pods extend the functionality of the Centipede 416 Power Boxes, by adding more eStim outputs, or outputs of different kinds.

The dual channel Viby Pod adds two independent channels designed to drive 1.5-4.5 volt, battery powered (1 to 3 batteries), vibrators.  The pod can not only turn the vibrators on and off, but can set the power from mild to wild and everything in between.

Like eStim outputs, the Viby Pod outputs support ‘waveforms’ which vary the amplitude in various ways, making the sensations even more exciting.  For example, you can select the SWEEP setting, which ramps the sensations up and down between minimum and maximum values, changing the stimulation as slowly or rapidly as you want, with the web page setting all those parameters.

Or you could select the STEP setting, which can be configured to slowly increase the sensation, but then just as it reaches the level needed to finish, drops the sensation back to almost nothing.  Minutes will seem like deliciously frustrating hours on this setting.

Viby pod outputs can also be controlled using the Centipede sequencer, which among other things, will allow you to combine the sensations from a vibrator with an eStim output.  Picture a scenario where the vibration increases your excitement to the edge, only to have that sensation suddenly stop and eStim stimulation takes over crashing you back down.

Each expansion Pod has an input and output connector, so you can string as many pods together as you wish, up to the system maximum of thirteen pods (hence, a Centipede of many feet!).  When you order your Viby POD, be sure to specify the board number you wish to assign to it.  Each POD must be given a board number from 3 to 15, with no duplication. Note that board numbers can be changed in the field, if necessary.  See the owner’s manual for details.  We usually set a board number of 5 on our Viby pod.

Pods are connected using a four-wire data-style RJ-11 cable.  We supply a one-foot cable with each Pod.  However, longer lengths and replacement cables are available here.  If you do order more, be sure to select an RJ11, 6P/4C, 1:1, DATA cable.  Viby pods are usually powered from a Centipede Power Box, like the Centipede 416, but can be powered directly using a 12-volt power pack.  This option may be useful if you have a very long cable or very power-hungry vibrators.

See the Forum for suggestions on compatible Vibrators and methods of connection.