Centipede 416

The Centipede 416 is our flagship product, it is a versatile device that provides hours of enjoyable electrical stimulation. What makes the Centipede 416 different from other eStim products on the market is that it is controlled via WIFI and powered by a Linux computer, which provides unique features not available on other devices.

The Centipede 416 creates a hotspot (WIFI) to which you connect using a tablet, smart phone or laptop computer.   Once connected to the hotspot, you will be able to use the browser on that device to control all of the features.  This method of connection and control creates a versatile and user-friendly visual interface.  For example, you can operate the system from a distance and without the hassle of wires between you and the device.

The heart of the Centipede 416 is a powerful general purpose computer which has been programmed to control the outputs based on user specifications, audio inputs, user pre-programmed sequences and/or external contact points.  Below is the output control screen as it looks on devices wide enough to display two across.
All the software and firmware needed to operate the Centipede 416 is contained on an SD card.  You can think of the SD card as the computer’s hard drive.  So, by changing the SD card, you can upgrade or change functionality of the system.

The software in the Centipede 416 is open source.  We expect this system to continue to develop over time, as new features are added, new waveforms are created, and new ideas evolve. With the Centipede’s SD card, upgrading is simply a matter of downloading a new file, and flashing it into the card.

If you wish and have the necessary knowledge, you can modify the software yourself to change the way the device operates or to add new features.

The Centipede 416 is also unique in that it can be expanded by adding external boxes we call ‘pods’.  These pods can be additional eStim outputs or boxes with different features.  Three types of expansion pods are available now, dual channel eStims, dual channel vibrator drivers, and dual channel relay drivers. As such, it is able to do far more than output eStim signals.  We tend to think of it as a ‘play space’ controller!