Relay Pods

Centipede Pods extend the functionality of the Centipede 416 Power Boxes, by adding more eStim outputs, or outputs of different kinds.

The dual channel Relay Pod adds two independent channels designed to drive 12 volt DC relays or other devices that operate on 12 volts. The pod not only turns relays on and off, but it can cycle them on and off at a rate you chose.

The Relay Pod outputs support ‘waveforms’ which vary the ON/OFF cycles in multiple ways, making the results even more powerful when the relays are controlling certain devices, for example, a modified Surge Milking machine. You can select the SWEEP setting, which speeds the cycle rate up and down between minimum and maximum values, changing the rate slowly or rapidly based upon your settings.

Or you could select the RANDOM setting, which will change the cycle rate between minimum and maximum values in an unpredictable way, so the results are never repetitive.

Relay pod outputs can also be controlled using the Centipede sequencer which, among other things, will allow you to combine the sensations with a vibrator and/or an eStim output. Picture a scenario where the relay caused sensations increases your excitement to the edge, only to have it suddenly stop–and a zap from an eStim output crashes you back down.

Each expansion Pod has an input and output connector, so you can string as many pods together as you wish, up to the system maximum of thirteen pods (hence, a Centipede of many feet!)

When you order your Relay Pod, be sure to specify the board number you wish to assign to it. Each Pod must be given a board number from 3 to 15, with no duplication. (See the owner’s manual for details.) We usually set a board number of 4 on our first Relay Pod.


Note that when powering a device that draws more than 100ma, you should consider connecting a separate 12 Volt power supply to the rear jack of this pod.  For low power devices, the jack can be left unused.