eStim Pods

Centipede Pods extend the functionality of the Centipede 416 Power Boxes, by adding more eStim outputs, or outputs of different kinds.

The dual channel eStim pod adds two additional eStim channels to your system. These channels have the same waveforms and features as those built into a Centipede Power Boxes. Each expansion Pod has an input and output connector, so you can string as many pods together as you wish, up to the system maximum of thirteen pods (hence, a Centipede of many feet!).

When you order your POD, be sure to specify the board number you wish to assign to your POD. Each POD must be given a board number from 3 to 15. Note that board numbers can be changed in the field, if necessary. See the owner’s manual for details.

Pods are connected using a four-wire data-style RJ-11 cable. We supply a one-foot cable with each Pod. However, longer lengths and replacement cables are available here. If you do order more, be sure to select an RJ11, 6P/4C, 1:1, DATA cable.