Centipede Dilemma Scene

The Centipede Family of products are the best eStim boxes available, but they offer so much more! The dilemma scene shown here is just one example of what our boxes can do.

In the scene pictured below, the girl must be careful to hold the metal tube inside the metal rings–not touching the edges–or she will receive a shock. And more than that, each time the tube touches the metal ring, the system ramps up the next shock to be even stronger. Our definition of a dilemma! But there is a reward as well. If the girl can avoid getting a shock for 30 seconds, the system resets the shock level to a minimum value as a reward. Such a scene would be quite difficult to create without a Centipede power box, but with a Centipede, it’s surprisingly easy. See below for a detailed description of how to set up this scene.

A unique feature of all our power boxes is the CONTACTS. The contacts are low voltage inputs that can be used to control or adjust selected outputs. In the image above, contact-1 is connected. In this example, we’ve set Output 1-1 to use mode “Endure-1”. This mode lets you set all parameters of the dilemma scene, by simply using the control sliders provided on the built in web page. The screen shot below illustrates the controls for this mode.

For more details of the amazing Centipede family of products, register for free on the web site with a valid email address, and then download a free copy of the owners manual.