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    Relay Pods are not yet for sale, but they will soon be. So we decided to post this link to a product to consider using with a relay pod, if you wish to use it control a device that runs on 120 Volts AC. Check this out.


    Found this on amazon. A few more bucks but Prime elgible.


    I received my solenoid operated 120VAC power block yesterday. It works like a champ with the Centipede relay pod with one caveat, it is polarity sensitive. The relay pods are configure so that the tip is neg and the sleeve is pos. This is a bit contrary to normal thinking but Robert explained to me why this is. If you use one of these or any other type of relay device just remember that you may need to switch your leads at the device. Most mechanical (magnetic coil type) solenoids it doesnt really matter but solid state and digital operated ones it will.
    I used this to have the Centipede turn on my vacuum pump for my SeriousKit milker and it did so just fine, no issues with heat, draw and so on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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