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    One of the things I wanted to do was to be able to control my SeriousKit milker using a solenoid instead of the pulsator. The issue was how can one control it to do variable patterns and other things besides speed up and slow down. The Centipede via the 12VDC relay pod will let you do that. I purchased an inexpensive (<$40) solenoid and modified it to allow better flow and quicker vent. I have a very rare surge bucket made by Universal (most are Surge or Babcock brothers) and I was able to get a cheap lid off Ebay to play with. Tapping out that hole to 3/8 NPT in stainless was a bitch but I got it done and all rigged up. I have the 2 stage electro SPT for my milker. I got it all connected and Willie sucked into the receiver, set the timers on the relay pod to .3 and turned it on. Worked perfectly! Next I turned on the electro to stroke and matched the speed really close to that of the milker. If that control had a bit more resolution I might have been able to match it perfectly (hint hint). The feeling was amazing and although the ending eruption was not hardly that of Krakatoa it did give Mt. St. Helens a run for its money! What an amazing machine and this was just a shakedown. Cant wait to give the sequencer a try. This was one of the reasons I purchased it.


    That is really great you were able to use a relay pod to control the milker, congratulations! You are such a creative and capable fellow.

    Are you asking for the relay pod timing to have better resolution? I am not clear as to your request.



    The term “resolution” is a carry over from when I used to do some quality control work. It refers to the increments of measurements a measuring device can measure; tenths of an inch, hundredths, thousandths and so on. The smaller the increments the more precise the measurements so it has a greater “resolution.” A better term here might be “granular.” Anyway what I was referring to was to be able to more precisely control the speed so instead of adjustments being whole numbers you could make changes in tenths so 1,1.1,1.2 and so on.
    I am also not really fond of the “Apply” function for the level control in the basic and stroke modes. I understand why you did it but you get a good little jolt when you raise it and hit apply. I would like to have that slider live all the time so it can be adjusted as needed. Perhaps a back door way to turn it off?

    I had an amazing time with this Sat. Some folks do this to porn. I feel if you have to do that then you are bored and need to try something different. I close my eyes and focus on the amazing sensations going on between my legs. Dont need any porn, the head trip of being jacked off by a computer is enough for this old computer nerd scifi junkie


    Hey Lawman,

    I purchased my 416 with the intention of building a set-up much like yours before I even saw this.

    Is there anything you know now that you didn’t when you started that would save me some trouble?

    Hopefully as more of these are sold, a community of scripters will grow like in the Stero Stim world



    Hey gonnadobadthings, Email me at lawman5297@gmail.com and we can discuss.

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