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    I did a “live” test of my solenoid pulsator operated by the Centipede 416 this past Saturday. I intended to use the “Sequencer” feature of the Centipede to control my fun but an issue with the coding prevented me from doing so. I have been working with Robert to work out the bugs with the relay pod before it is released for sale. This little bug has now been fixed. I resorted to manual control and it worked perfectly. The Centipede will switch on and off the relay pod from 10 seconds to .1 second. The relay will respond at .1 but the milker is just not capable of reacting that fast. It does however stroke at .2 seconds. I find that when you can’t take it anymore .5 on and off will get your there quickly.
    I also modified the vacuum gauge with a high-low contacts. This will allow the Centipede to start the pulsator when the appropriate vacuum level is reached. My milker is set to 650mbar with the start at 700mbar and the cutoff at about 580mbar. The sequencer will stop if the vacuum gets too strong (580mbar). I will post part 2 of my mods in a few days. I took pics but then when I looked at them again I realized they were taken from an angle that would make annotation confusing. I also have a relay switched 120VAC power block coming. With this addition the Centipede will be able to turn the vacuum pump on. I am also going to install a solenoid on the constant vacuum supply to the SPT and have it turned on first after the level has been reached and before the pulsator is turned on. Not only can it do all that as well as estim (I have the 2 stage electro SPT) and control a 3VDC vibrator but you can make that damn thing talk to you as well!!!

    It has been mentioned time and time again that to really enjoy the SK milker you need to have someone else operate it. Not anymore!!!! I can’t wait to get this all together and try this again!!!
    Oh, BTW the ensuing orgasm was epic!!!

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