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    I received my Centipede this past Sat. and have been through most of it. I have not got into looking at the OS yet though. I have a few suggestions. First it would be nice to be able to reboot or shut down through the browser interface. Second would be a way to see how much space is left on the SD Card through the interface as well. This would be extremely handy when loading music so you dont try and load more that you card will hold. And last perhaps a way to save favorite settings per channel, per board (both channels) and the several boards together. I know the sequencer will do that but there might be some that do not want to use the sequencer. Just some thoughts. THX!


    Good ideas all. I can give you immediate gratification on one of them. Go to the music library, or the sequence library web pages. They both already shows the remaining space in megabytes.

    The other items are all doable, and should be added to my to-do list. Right now I am working on Version 1.07 that adds two new verbs “OPEN” and “CLOSE” check them out in the owner’s manual.


    Dang, I see it now. BTW I have a 64GB card in and functioning. I have a lot of files I want to load. THX!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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