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    Over the weekend I played with the speech feature of the Centipede sequencer. Based on that I have some tips that will hopefully be of use. Disclaimer: You may or may not experience the same results
    1. Everything in the sequencer must be in caps. Centipede does not recognize punctuation or extra spaces so there is no need for them.
    2. Use more than 1 word per line. I tried this several times with various types and lengths of words and 100% of the time it was not picked up.
    3. You may have to spell a word out phonetically in order to get Centipede to pronounce it close to correctly. For instance to get it to say “Centipede” I found that SCENTAPEEDE works much better than CENTIPEDE. Sometimes even to may need to become too and so on, and it sometimes depends on the words around it.
    4. Do not make your lines very long. It will sound a bit like CPT. Kirk but it is a computer voice (like Lady Android as I call her) and not like some of the sophisticated auto attendants that we have all talked with. That software is very expensive, I have worked with it. Write a test script. Put all the verbiage in it that you want to use in your sequencer routine and run it. Look at the bottom of the sequencer control screen. It will show you line by line as it is read by the sequencer. If Centipede lags behind verbalizing then you need to shorten the lines or it will get an error and Centipede will start speaking in tongues.
    5. For whatever reason if you start a line out with “FUCK” Centipede will go over it very quickly like it doesn’t want to say it but if you put it a few words into the line it seems to pronounce it properly.
    6. I have submitted a script called SpeechTest to share. This is what I used to play around with.
    I hope this is of some use. Enjoy!!!

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