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    Alas, this place isn’t very lively.
    I purchase a 416-AC a few months ago, and wanted to relate something I’ve observed.

    Sometimes the web interface is unresponsive (iOS Safari). That is, the controls all work, but they don’t actually change anything. Reloading the page shows the old setting values. Sometimes reloading is enough to reconnect to reality, but sometimes I have to close the tab and open a new one.
    One thing that might be a factor, but I’m not convinced is the only trigger, is controlling the Centipede from a different device (another iPad in my case), and switching back.


    Thanks for writing, wombat. Let me start with a bit of explanation.

    The web browser makes two connections to the web server inside the Centipede. The first connection is the typical one that draws on the screen. This is the usual port 80 http connection. Connections like this are transient. In other words, the browser makes a connection, exchanges data and then disconnects.

    The second connection is persistent, and where most of the “magic” occurs. The browser and the server try to keep this connection active continuously. It is used to update values without having to redraw the entire page, and to send operator actions to the server.

    You can tell when this second connection is no longer active, because on many of the pages, the large “Centipede” at the top of the page will change from blue to gray. It is the lost of this second connection that is causing the behavior you are reporting.

    Why is this happening? Likely it is caused by some kind of interference on the network. It will not be caused by using a second device at the same time, for example, unless that is overloading the network (which is unlikely). I assume you are using a wired connection, rather than WIFI?


    Thank you for the explanation.
    I am using a Wi-Fi network. I had not noticed the color change, but I will pay attention to that in the future.

    Given your explanation, and my own observations in that light, I now suspect that the connection is lost when an app other than the browser is active for some period of time or if the iPad goes to sleep for long enough.


    This behavior has now changed for me. With Safari and Mobile Safari, Centipede 416 is now always grey, and the controls do not control the unit’s output.

    What I’ve seen:
    Browsers with the problem
    Safari 15.4
    Mobile Safari (iOS 15.4)
    Firefox 97.0.1 (macOS)
    Firefox Focus 98.1 (iOS)
    Firefox Daylight 98.2 (8475) (iOS)
    Chrome 100.0.4896.56 (iOS)

    Browsers that work
    Safari 15.3
    Chrome 100.0.4896.60 (macOS)

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